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Working within a creative profession for 35 years and counting as a Graphic Designer I believe it has provided me with an understanding and a creative eye to identify an exceptional photograph from just a nice picture!


I live with my wife and three children in an idyllic village in Northamptonshire. Accompanied by our three dogs you will often find us out walking along with my trusty Nikon camera poised to capture something special.


After many years of family and friends encouraging me to do something with my photographs I have finally made the decision to turn my love of photography into a small business. In doing so I am now in a position where I have a selective portfolio of beautiful images which I'd like to share with you for your enjoyment.


In addition to selling my prints online we attend local craft, country and agricultural shows throughout the year so look out for us on your travels. Click here to view the shows we have lined up this year.


Thank you for visiting my website and come and say hello at one of our shows, or drop me a line via this website.

Anthony Long

         What I like about photography is clicking the shutter button and capturing fleeting moments to enjoy forever

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